We’re well into the days of blurred outlines, misty mornings, with
snowdrops up, crocuses peeping through. And, even from hilltops, the world is beautifully half-seen. This poem is a Terza rima, which has a very specific rhyme scheme and is a challenge to write …

LANDSCAPE (Terza rima)

Mists of rain pattern the valleys                 IMG_7669 Mal.Retreat
hanging between scarves of sunlight,
holding hills like a chalice.

Secrets held in their piercing height,
ancient houses with outlines blurred
are ghosts half-hidden from my sight.

Then the haze is cut by a bird
which brings me to a reality
where spirits are a murmured word
and shadows hold eternity,
beyond things that will not be missed
without this present certainty
that all such beauty will persist
wherever mortal homes exist.


first published in Tower Poetry


Frame and the McGuireNEW! Frame and The McGuire – for ages 8-13 … published by TradeWind Books available on Amazon or your local bookstore.

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I Lasso’d

Historical names for February include the Old English terms Solmonath (mud month) and Kale-monath (named for cabbage). All of which is a bit weird, but who wouldn’t want a birthday right now to cheer things along? I hope yours will be as happy as mine! All hoopla, swings and roundabouts, fun with family and friends …



a birthday as it flew past
tied it to a cake
lit candles by the score              
frilled the day with family
tied balloons to shoulders
wrists toes and ankles
and danced a country jig

we partied in the sunlight
we partied in the snow
we cut the cake and cheered
as we ate it in the rain

my birthday then escaped
and swung upon the moon
I waved at every waxing
invited it to visit
but the birthday
shook its flaming head
then vanished down the year
as the quiet clock ticked on


thoseblueshoescoverThose Blue Shoes for ages 7-11 … Weston’s … skill in juggling time past with time present … the plot unfolds with fast-paced action, mystery, suspense and even a ghost. Joan Givner

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Drawn into Words

I’ve written poetry all my life, starting when I was about six.
Poetry first, short or long stories, whatever it takes to string
one word after another …


the first seduction –                    IMG_8247
a line of ecstatic red
drawn on white paper

later I was enticed
by wild blue zigzags
and long green loops

beguiled by marching hooks
then crooked capitals –
finally tempted by solemn

tongue-curving black cursive –
then it
was done –

I had fallen in love –
acquired a passion
for words


first published on a Barrio Poster


my scans - after 18 112 coverNEW! To Bethlehem: This little book is delightful, full of … poems on this timeless subject. … the most fun is the little prose vignettes of the common people in the Christ-child story. The slave who looks after the wise men’s camels, or the overworked maid at the inn who has to fetch water for the birth, and many more. A lovely gift for the reader on your Christmas list!   Rosalind Adams.   Available from Amazon and Kindle.


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Some Kind of Luck

There are days when I wonder if I shouldn’t have stayed in bed, days when
the rice catches on the bottom of the pot, I trip over a shoelace, cut my
finger while slicing onions … sound familiar?


I never knew
until my luck turned                      IMG_9587..4.23.13 graffitti
that I wore it
in rainbow colours
lasar beaming

a luck that opened
to green pastures
reached down
through tumbling water
and lifted onto rock

but the smiling lady
turned – and now rapids
run swift
rocks bruise
cars crash
and           in doubt
I question
even the clock


Frame and the McGuireFrame and The McGuire – for ages 8-13 … published by Tradewind Books available on Amazon or your local bookstore.

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Carol’s Glasses

I love the different styles of glasses that people wear, all so
individual, and often great fun …


tiger frames                                     IMG_8257
look at me

her eyes
gleam through

hoping not
to be caught

she lent
them to me

the tiger
ate her poem


summerfathercoverA Summer Father … terse, imagistic lines; … It’s not nostalgia that we experience but quiet, poignant grief. Richard Stevenson

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Winter Park

January, named after Janus, the god of beginnings and transitions, has the garnet for birthstone, the cottage pink for birth flower. And January is National Thank You month: time to say ‘thank you’ for gifts, for the old year, and for the new year! It’s also when, here up North, we’re into cold: frost, rime, frozen noses … Great for bears, snow-angels, coal-eyed snow-people, and roaring fires …


hoarfrost trims                             067..12.18.12. at the park
the climbing bars
snow piles against slides
footprints lie
in grey light

wind whines through
the playground
thin snowflakes
sting cheeks
the path blurs
in this twilit noon

I push against cold
peer at dim trails
rub lips fingers
and turn for home


willow treegirl8The Willow Tree Girl “… perfect for children in the 7-11-year-old bracket who love to read. …The characters are life-like and the plot intriguing …” Elizabeth Symon. Find it at Smashwords

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The Future

This week between Christmas and New Year always strikes me as a bit weird. We’ve scarcely finished with one deeply rooted celebration and we’re into another on an entirely different level. The two are linked but I’m not sure how …

THE FUTURE                                         035 Victoria

a child peers
from darkness

catches tinsel
from paper hats

swings on popcorn chains
until they break

and the child tumbles
into dangerous life


Frame and the McGuireNEW! Frame and The McGuire – for ages 8-13 … published by TradeWind Books, available on Amazon or your local bookstore.

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