Summer Fete

Garage sales are fun, and summer fetes even more so as the choices are
so many, and all out of doors. Second-hand books draw me every time, but I always wander through baking, white elephants, clothes, jewellery …



voices cascade tent-roofs
while music trickles down posts   087 garage sale
and coins clink hand to hand
in harmonic orchestration

sandwiches, drinks, and hotdogs
juggle from grass to tarmac
table to booth
under canvas or tree

percussion circulates
mutates, becomes circus –
a merry-go-round of faces, names         046
I recapture after twenty years
to pocket, finger, and discover
memory lingers with coffee
lured to present tense pleasure
while the yard-sale trumpets
and last year’s treasures
flock to new homes


A Summer Father … Here is poetry … interweaving images culled from a wartime childhood with bittersweet memories of a “summer father”. Lynda Monahan

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Lavender haiku

I dry lavender to stash with linen, make lavender jelly, put lavender in
baking, use its oil on my pillow for a good night’s sleep … It not only smells lovely, lavender is useful for so many things …


on clean windows –                             049
scent of lavender


leaves perfume
on my jeans


the linen closet
smells of summer …
sweet dreams


the second haiku was first published in The Amethyst Review


summerfathercoverA Summer Father … poems as deceptively simple and cunning as a sniper’s bullet. This book is a Remembrance Day poppy. Dave Margoshes

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Cold Swim

There are those who run and leap into the water with shouted joy. And there are those, like me, who take it one millimetre at a time …


inching step by step                     
I feel my way
from one pebble to the next
hoping for sand
at each tentative toe-down

cold edges past ankles, calves
and knees, I stretch tall
anticipating the moment
when my groin freezes
and stomach chills

then I will stand
flurry the water
with hands full of intent
watch a child in the shallows
sunlight on waves
a canoe far out

I procrastinate
warmth on my shoulders
but the moment comes
when I prayer hands
010..9.29.13.dive in
swim hard


first published in 7 Beats Here and Now


willow treegirl8The Willow Tree Girl “… perfect for children in the 7-11-year-old bracket who love to read. …The characters are life-like and the plot intriguing …” Elizabeth Symon. Find it at Smashwords

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On Borrowing Shoes

Nobody loves caterpillars, except children and teachers of young children. Caterpillars, to a gardener, are creepy crawly and they demolish leaves at ninety miles an hour. But – do they wear shoes?


my caterpillar friends
keep their shoes lined                      110 tent caterpillars
up on fallen tree trunks

the milkweed prefer
lime-green loafers
while the speckled wood
wear pink sandals
that don’t have to be shined
every second day

I’ve seen tent caterpillars
hide black dress shoes
in corrugated cabinets
behind school walls                          IMG_0224..4.28.13 Sky garden
where teens stub out
reefers at recess

I try to leave the shoes
alone        don’t borrow
them for a night or two
it’s a temptation when
the colours are perfect
for the opera or a date
with a five-star general


willow treegirl8The Willow Tree Girl “… perfect for children in the 7-11-year-old bracket who love to read. …The characters are life-like and the plot intriguing …” Elizabeth Symon. Find it at Smashwords

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The Wider View

images..1Today is Canada Day. It is also Doctors’ Day in India, Hong Kong SAR Establishment Day, Independence Day in Somalia, and Keti Koti in Surinam. In other words, it’s one big important day for a great many people all over the world. Also, the Ruby is the birthstone for July, it symbolizes contentment. I’m certainly contented to be into real summer …


THE WIDER VIEW                     001 from Old Mill pk 001

silence is narrow
as the mountain I hold
in cupped hands

as wide
as the columbine
that rises
beside my feet

silence haunts
my eyes as I listen
to mountains singing
across the lake


first published in Purple Patch


berry & the bandFREE! The Berry Books are FREE at Smashwords! And they are perfect for 3-6 year-olds. ‘Berry and the Birthday Band’ and ‘Berry Cleans House’ tell how Berry the mouse, who lives in a tree, gets into funny situations, and has to find his way out of them.

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Camping Senyru

Summer and the time for camping trips, listening to squirrels drop
cones on tents, hiking through woods, swimming … watching sunrise and sunset … wonderful memories for adults and for kids …


camping                                                IMG_7019_marshmallows
by the river …


roasting marshmallows
you tell
tall stories


leaking tent –
my child sleeps


thoseblueshoescoverThose Blue Shoes for ages 7-11 … Weston’s … skill in juggling time past with time present … the plot unfolds with fast-paced action, mystery, suspense and even a ghost. Joan Givner

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Lunar Questions

Stars last week and the moon this: the Summer Solstice is almost here. The earth turns and the moon turns around us, full, half, quarter, and everything in between. It’s the inspiration for love, astrology, and continual mystery, even though the dark side has been seen and people have walked on it …



shall I ask the moon
to rise morning by morning               IMG_6734
and lend extra light
to our days?

should I command her to sink
under a neap tide
while the cow jumps higher
than we can throw spoons?

would you paint her
weeping for earth
or rising high and full
over Berkeley Square?

we will pluck silver apples
whose shapes and shadows fuse
in the pale flush
of our lunatic sky


an earlier version appeared in Ken*Again


summerfathercoverA Summer Father … terse, imagistic lines; … It’s not nostalgia that we experience but quiet, poignant grief. Richard Stevenson

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