Curried dragon legs

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and, being vegetarian, I’m not keen on the big over-dressed turkey. So I’m providing the following recipe for those adventurous souls who would like something a little different. It’s not exactly vegetarian but liberties may be taken with the ingredients.


two dozen chopped red salamanders
sixteen minced wild garlic cloves
sautéed almost to brown                                               IMG_4205 R's duck

stir in five tablespoons of Madras curry
a sniff of salt and pepper
two diced caiman
and a handful of fresh grated ginger

cook gently for as long as it takes
to drink half a glass of white wine
add the leftover half
with two cups of kangaroo milk
stir thoughtfully

mix in five cups of diced dragon-legs           
simmer until dinner time
finish the wine

serve with chopped toothache grass
pickled piranhas
hot pepper mealy bread
palm frond salad

best eaten with beer two weeks
after the full moon

About Joanna M. Weston

Born in England, she lives in British Columbia. She is married with three sons, Joanna has an MA from the University of British Columbia. She has published in numerous anthologies and in magazines in Canada, the US, UK, and New Zealand, such as Canadian Women's Studies, Convolvus, Endless Mountains Review, Grain, Green's Magazine, Prairie Fire, Spin, Wascana Review, CBC Gallery, and many more...
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4 Responses to Curried dragon legs

  1. Andrew says:

    mmmmm yum! need a dessert item, “chocolate covered dragon-legs”.

    On a more serious note, shouldn’t it be “dragons-legs” with an “s”?

  2. Chocolate-covered brontosaurus legs would be bigger and therefore better for dessert, but think of the sugar-fit afterwards.

    Re the s: we don’t say ‘chickens’ wings’ and I prefer to omit it anyway. It wouldn’t sound right to me.

  3. Pearl says:

    hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

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