Michelangelo’s David

Earth day is coming up on the 22nd  and I’m remembering ten years ago
when we were in Italy and I saw Michelangelo’s gift to us all, David, the real thing, for the first time. Marble from the earth we walk on, made into this statue of such power. I’d grown up with Mother’s art books and knew it only from photos. The reality if incredibly moving …


it’s the right hand that draws my eyes,                
the size of it – bent wrist, curled fingers –
weight of it against supple thigh,
body easily balanced on straight right leg,
the other bent, ready to take a forward step,
penis quiet amid the hair at his young crotch.
my gaze travels up his lean body’s height
past smooth curves of stomach and waist,
taut musculature of hunter’s chest,
to breadth of shepherd’s shoulder,
stretched sinews of his left arm
which hold the sling, close, poised,
while those intent eyes judge
the oncoming champion’s stride.


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About Joanna M. Weston

Born in England, she lives in British Columbia. She is married with three sons, Joanna has an MA from the University of British Columbia. She has published in numerous anthologies and in magazines in Canada, the US, UK, and New Zealand, such as Canadian Women's Studies, Convolvus, Endless Mountains Review, Grain, Green's Magazine, Prairie Fire, Spin, Wascana Review, CBC Gallery, and many more...
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2 Responses to Michelangelo’s David

  1. Francine Wallace says:

    What a description you make! Had same impression when I saw the real thing also but could not describe it so aptly.

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