Advent Journey

It’s that time of preparation, for Christmas, for the turn of the year. It’s a time of looking inward and wondering about the past and the future, contemplating change … or not …


we watch the candle                                   
burn the night
and itself

we watch the clock
turn minutes
into hours

we watch, wait
until darkness turns
to Christmas dawn


photo by Gillian Leverkus


Frame and the McGuireFrame and The McGuire – ‘… a gentle yet striking novel about the way our perception influences our judgement of others.’ Amy Mathers. For ages 8-13 … published by Tradewind Books available on Amazon or your local bookstore.

About Joanna M. Weston

Born in England, she lives in British Columbia. She is married with three sons, Joanna has an MA from the University of British Columbia. She has published in numerous anthologies and in magazines in Canada, the US, UK, and New Zealand, such as Canadian Women's Studies, Convolvus, Endless Mountains Review, Grain, Green's Magazine, Prairie Fire, Spin, Wascana Review, CBC Gallery, and many more...
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7 Responses to Advent Journey

  1. Shirley Jones says:

    Joanna – A long overdue Thankyou and to say how much I enjoy your Wednesday morning postings! Christmas blessings to you and your family.

  2. the anticipation is palpable in this sweet hymnal … lovely verse

  3. Francine says:

    Christmas has always been a time of reflection and search for changes to be made in myself. Also now that the children are on their own path and away, a time of chagrine, made better by shared time together with my hubby.

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