Watching Snow

Be careful what you wish for! I’d been thinking we’d not had snow this winter with a vague feeling that we’d not had winter at all. We got snow this week! Yes, it’s pretty, but it does need to be shoveled … so, instead of imagining snow, I’ve been watching the real thing, following individual flakes …


this cloud of flakes
falls like pixels
down the window
from west to east

a shift   a curl   a wave
and a pointillist’s dream                         
blows from east to west
twists memory upward

before a toss
of downward air
reverses yet again
across and up
in twisting coils

an inward flock
moves south
like starlings
in a gathered wind

an eddy
pulls the current
westerly on a sweep
a spin     of upward air
then loops to fall
in a rush
of tangled crystals


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About Joanna M. Weston

Born in England, she lives in British Columbia. She is married with three sons, Joanna has an MA from the University of British Columbia. She has published in numerous anthologies and in magazines in Canada, the US, UK, and New Zealand, such as Canadian Women's Studies, Convolvus, Endless Mountains Review, Grain, Green's Magazine, Prairie Fire, Spin, Wascana Review, CBC Gallery, and many more...
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1 Response to Watching Snow

  1. francinesw says:

    So well said! I miss the snow that adds so much beauty and quiet, after the storm, to an otherwise bleak Winter.

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