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Second hand Clothes

I like shopping in second hand stores. Here I can browse and where I invariably find exactly what I’m looking for. In retail ‘new’ stores I get completely overwhelmed by the racks and racks of clothes that are all the … Continue reading

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3 Nurse Senyru

World Tuna day is just past, May 2, and I wonder if the tuna care? World Dandelion Day was May 3rd, do the dandelions lose their clocks that day? How about World Sandwich-makers day? Would anyone cheer? Best yet, International … Continue reading

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Zoned Out

Half way through summer, and I’m still voting for idleness. I’m painting on the deck, mostly seascapes, relaxing with a good book and, just occasionally, staring into space … A ZONED OUT    (an Abecedarian) zapped by contemplation, yoga’d to … Continue reading

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Ordinary Hours

I love these days when nothing in particular happens. The time flows by in doing the most mundane tasks: putting dishes away, tidying a shelf, stroking the cat, having coffee and, of course, writing a poem … A ORDINARY HOURS … Continue reading

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Not everyone can buy gifts or look forward to a family gathering. Some people will be cold and hungry through the dark time of the year. But sharing a smile, a touch, a coffee, a greeting, small gestures can warm … Continue reading

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Two Tanka

And then there are cats … those impossible I’ll-do-it-my-way critters that comfort and engage, show-off and welcome … can’t help but love them … Yes, I know people love dogs too, but it’s a good thing we’re all different, even … Continue reading

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