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Exchanging wonder

I’ve encountered deer face to face, almost nose to nose, bear, raccoon, and other wild life, and each meeting is a curious thrill, a wonder at the differences between animals, birds, fish, and mortals … EXCHANGING WONDER a bird bangs … Continue reading

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Help Wanted

The computer crashed and, once again, I’m caught in a confused morass of ignorance (on my part) of what to do when the hard drive is re-established … sigh …. HELP WANTED it opens a grey mouth masticates files                                            swallows … Continue reading

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Self-portrait As A Printer

I have been at odds with my printer recently. The only way to get it to function was to uninstall it, and then re-install it. Not the way to get printing done in a hurry! I wondered how it felt … Continue reading

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Computer Gremlin

The computer is a mystery to me. Ours is likely to remove a file and put it in outer limbo somewhere, change fonts without being asked, move margins and tabs, again unasked, and/or refuse certain commands. No solution in sight … Continue reading

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Fencepost Errors

A computer programme I use changed some of the ways it functions recently, without telling the users. Grumble, grizzle, grouch … frustration. The result being a poem. If you’re unsure of the meanings here, check the online slang dictionary, it’s … Continue reading

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If Only I Understood

I’ve had one of those sessions when the computer over-writes when it shouldn’t, turns single- to double-space, blanks out on websites, chews up emails, won’t upload photos, i.e. driven me crazy. And that only leads to poetry … A IF … Continue reading

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