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Drop Scones

The fun of baking with Grandmother or her sister, the watching, stirring, smelling, tasting … Such good memories … DROP SCONES     (Triolet)                                      the recipe came from Great Aunt Bee who added things while I stirred as a four-year-old at … Continue reading

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Herbs of an Older Grace

I use herbs a lot, and I relish their names. There’s one that doesn’t appear in this poem but has a particularly lovely name: mignonette.It’s definitely an old-fashioned herb, my mother grew it but I’ve not seen it anywhere since … Continue reading

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In praise of the Rare Welsh

Hot cheese with beer added? The Joy of Cooking, p.242, has the recipe for this most traditional of dishes … IN PRAISE OF THE RARE WELSH rarebit or rabbit? who would know       the way to spell or to pronounce what … Continue reading

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Not to Hurry

Three weeks to Christmas and I’m trying to get ahead of myself and the season … NOT TO HURRY the house smells of baking                    shortbread in the oven mince pies to be made I try to make cookies early    seal … Continue reading

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Making Hummus

Cooking can be trial and error, depending on whether one has all the ingredients and whether the recipe can be trusted. Recently I found myself working from four different recipes to get a result I liked; my language was colourful … Continue reading

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The Christmas season is here. We get frantic, trying to get everything done and, all too often, end up exhausted. I try to slow down, take time at some point everyday, to watch birds, the rain … A STILLNESS weary                                            … Continue reading

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Dinner at 6

So the world returns to normal: wake-up, work, dishes, schedules, more dishes, sleep … festivities over and we’re back into regular routines. Do we have a tendency to get the January blues? Maybe it’s the weather, rain, snow, fog … … Continue reading

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Other Years

The central story remains the same but every Christmas festival is a bit different, new configurations of people arriving and departing, surprise gifts. But some things we do every year, which is part of the meaning of the season: traditions … Continue reading

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Solstice Ritual

The Solstice is almost here and its symbols are varied: the bear, the oak tree, and golden fern pollen; scarlet, orange, and yellow ribbons, candles of the same colours; herbs such as dill and lavender. It’s a day rich with … Continue reading

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The Long Meal

Some winter mornings the thought of cooking dinner at the end of the day is not attractive, I’m too busy, too tired, too whatever. The only thing to do is to chop vegetables early, dump them in the slow cooker, … Continue reading

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