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2 Triolets

I’ve been somewhat obsessively writing triolets for the last month or so, and here are two of them, the first relates a friend’s sailing adventure with a dog, the second is all about summer! Triolets have a very specific rhyme … Continue reading

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Considering Gifts

Choosing gifts for people can be a real headache: what do they like? what would they most appreciate? do they need clothes? want books? DVDs? the list of choices is endless … A CONSIDERING GIFTS shall I offer words hanging … Continue reading

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Out and Back

I submit poems to multitudinous journals and e-zines. Many are accepted, for which I am very grateful, but many are returned, poor spurned poems … A OUT AND BACK a sonnet circles my desk                                        on cautious feet I let the … Continue reading

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3 Dog Haiku

It occurred to me the other day that I’m unfair to dogs. I stand pretty firmly on the cat-side of the furry divide: we have two cats. But dogs are my focus this week … just glimpses, but definitely dogs … Continue reading

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