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3 Grass Haiku

Sun and wind have begun to dry wild grasses along the hedgerows and roadsides, in the woods. Hay has been cut, baled, and stored; a second, or even a third, cut is possible … dry grass bends under the wind … Continue reading

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Planning Ahead

Most years we go down to a nearby beach in the fall and collect seaweed, which is a great garden fertilizer, and free for the picking. Best to go after a storm, when the beaches really get loaded up … … Continue reading

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One particular route I walk yields plenty of stuff for recycling. I carry a bag with me, and end up feeling both virtuous and rich! The money earned goes to support an orphanage in the Honduras … A CONTRASTS tramping … Continue reading

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Media Frenzy

I get tired of being bombarded with ads. No matter where one goes these days someone is trying to sell something, push it down our throats, whether it’s something we need or even want … MEDIA FRENZY                    sheet of adjectives … Continue reading

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Handful of Air

I worry about water in our rivers, the ocean, and then what about the air we breathe? Is it safe? What kind of gunk are we ingesting with every lungful? Here’s my solution … A A HANDFUL OF AIR without … Continue reading

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