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To Preserve

I’ve been inundated with zucchini, apples, pears, plums … which is great! The larder is getting full to bursting and I’m ready for a rest … TO PRESERVE plums tumble                                                 out of summer down misted nights into cold-fingered fall flushed … Continue reading

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In the Larder

Red pepper relish, blackberry jam, dried peaches … My larder is crammed and I’m looking forward to a tasty winter! I have a whole book of zucchini recipes and I tried a new one this year: Zucchini bread & butter … Continue reading

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I could write reams about the taste of peaches, the feel of the peel, the smell of them … Canned peaches are okay, but there’s nothing, absolutely nothing, like juice running down my chin … LUSCIOUS peaches hide                           behind deep … Continue reading

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Fruit Haiku

Fruit heavy on the branches; friends and neighbours overloaded and giving fruit and vegetables to friends, neighbours, or the Food Bank. It’s the season when we stock up for winter, just like squirrels … deer eating         … Continue reading

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The smell of apples picked fresh from the tree; the feel of one, heavy and round in my hand. Some are already picked, it’s the season for harvesting fruit and veggies .. A A APPLE-PICKING           … Continue reading

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Supermarket Aisles

A sapphire is the birthstone of September, and it means clear thinking which we surely need for this busy month. The birth flowers are forget-me-not, morning glory and aster, all slightly on the wild side. And, staying on the crazy … Continue reading

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We can’t know the totality of anyone, least of all the person/people we live with: there’s always a surprise, the unexpected … I think I know someone and then they leap over the moon, decide to keep tarantulas, or solidify … Continue reading

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