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An Old Game

The game of life continues. These days we react and respond at a distance from each other so the results may be different and perhaps hard to take … AN OLD GAME bishops, knights on black and white                                    not touching … Continue reading

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Taller Than Five

And then there’s the fun side of living: watching a child standing tall, people dancing in the street, face-painting, finding the first snowdrop, all the small joys of everyday … TALLER THAN FIVE he balances on the wooden bench                         taller … Continue reading

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Over the Edge

Sometimes I want to run wild, rocket down highways on roller-blades, dance on rainbows, eat a whole bag of chocolates, throw snow-balls in summer … just have crazy fun … A OVER THE EDGE                            daisies lean over … Continue reading

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Country Ball Game

Home-grown baseball … summer evenings … popcorn … it all sounds so relaxed, peaceful, and fun. I love the language of baseball, other sports too come to that, but I have to go online to make sure I’ve got it … Continue reading

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Games All Year

The newspaper announced the other day that it’s ‘the silly season’. I’m not sure what they meant but perhaps we challenge ourselves in different ways? Stand on one foot for an hour, skip rope for a day? Climb a mountain? … Continue reading

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The Great Game

Hockey season! For aficionados it’s the best time of year. For the players, it’s hard work, lots of sweat, and great fun. What more can anyone ask …. A A THE GREAT GAME face-off ref drops the puck backs away … Continue reading

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Christmas Tea

We’re in that weird week between Christmas and New year, between two festivals, yet life just goes on. As a child I thought I’d fallen out of time somehow, that I was in a nowhere place, off the edge of … Continue reading

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We will rock

Hockey season is well under way but there’s no TV hockey.  So let’s go for it with the Juniors, the Bantams, all those young people playing their hearts out so that they can make the Big Leagues. A WE WILL … Continue reading

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