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Late Night

Hallow e’en tomorrow and critters are stirring in the undergrowth while young spooks haunt side-walks and gardens … LATE NIGHT this breathing dark crossed by lifting paws a sneak of badgers through star-light wail of owl past a blown branch … Continue reading

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The Invisibility

Hallowe’en: it’s Samhain in the Northern Hemisphere, and Beltane in the Southern Hemisphere, both beginning at sunset of this day, October 31! Not only trick-or-treat day, but the Eve of All Saints Day so anything can happen … THE INVISIBILITY … Continue reading

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These Hallowed Evenings

Halloween coming up: ghosts and goblins, witches and other scaries, will haunt our streets, begging for candy. A time for thinking of those who have died, those memories that remain with us, in this celebration of ancient beliefs … THESE … Continue reading

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Spectral Cinders

Hallowe’en next week, when ghosts, goblins and other strange visions abound. Really weird encounters occur on the street, or at the door, at this time of year and leave one pondering … SPECTRAL CINDERS surprised by time                                             ghosts pick fairy-tale … Continue reading

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The Stirring Night

I’m using a form of poetry that takes off from lines from another poet’s work: a glosa. Hallow e’en. I’m hearing voices in the wind, fingers that brush the door … It’s the time when ghosts walk the night in crumbling … Continue reading

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Computer Gremlin

The computer is a mystery to me. Ours is likely to remove a file and put it in outer limbo somewhere, change fonts without being asked, move margins and tabs, again unasked, and/or refuse certain commands. No solution in sight … Continue reading

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And then there are castles. Most were built for defense in the Middle Ages, the ruins may or may not be haunted. Of course, some for just plain living in, and then there are sand castles … A A CASTLES … Continue reading

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Halloween. ‘All Hallows Eve.’ The day when we remember the dead and pay our respects; the evening children ‘trick or treat’ from house to house … dusk, when the line between the physical and ghostly worlds is thinnest and magic … Continue reading

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Three Haiku

We’re a week away from Hallow E’en and  children will carve Jack o’lanterns, a custom that comes from long ago when turnips were carved in order to remember souls held in purgatory. It’s the time when things go bump in … Continue reading

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Here Be Dragons

This ought to have been up last week but I wanted to complete the series of stories. It reflects how I saw the time between Christmas and New Year as a child: scary. It seemed to be time-out-of-time, to belong … Continue reading

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