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Ottawa to Victoria

It’s the season for crossing the country from one side to the other to visit family. Always special times, no matter whether it’s just to sit and gab or for a wedding! These occasions are special, and we record them … Continue reading

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Where Home Is

Everyone’s home is different, the map-reading a separate event, each series of directions special to who we are, what we do, where we live. Difficult to describe but everyone knows where their own home is … A WHERE HOME IS … Continue reading

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Wedding senryu

We’ve a family wedding coming up this weekend, a fantastic time for it to happen with so much to be thankful for: that they met, that they are so much in love, and that we can be there … A … Continue reading

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The Reason He Flew

I was at a surprise seventieth party a few weeks ago, great fun, and some priceless songs! One character there was a weird and wild green balloon man … A A THE REASON HE FLEW A green man flying   … Continue reading

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Joseph and Mary

I’ve always wondered about Joseph and Mary. Off they went, Mary heavily pregnant, on a jolting journey. I suppose Mary couldn’t be left at home to have the baby in peace, but imagine how she felt, day after day, hoping … Continue reading

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Tepotzlan Market

When we travel I bring back a suitcase full of memories and a camera full of colour. I get glimpses of another culture, another way of doing life, of being, and that is all good … A A TEPOTZLAN MARKET          … Continue reading

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The Lure

Home-grown fruit and vegetables are in the local markets and just the smell of them is enough to make me hungry. I love the smell of tomatoes, the feel of fresh-picked lettuce, the joys of summer! Strawberries, raspberries … … … Continue reading

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The Cameleer’s Story

Some stories have no satisfactory ending, no ‘happy ever after’, no ‘bad-guy-gets-his-punishment’, no magic wand. We hear about the moment, the event, and then it fades into daily living. I think we’d like every story to have all the ends … Continue reading

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The Potter’s Story

Christmas is for me a time of story … the Santa Claus story, the Christmas story, family stories … So this month I’m going to tell stories, very short stories, of people on the edges who don’t make it into … Continue reading

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