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Early Visit

One of those happenings that are so small in the scale of events that they could pass unnoticed, but are a delight in themselves … EARLY VISIT dawn comes lightly                           through fir and cedar shadows stretch across grass and debris … Continue reading

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Six O’Clock

Very occasionally I get to go down the driveway for the daily paper. It’s an adventure into waking up! … SIX O’CLOCK                                                I merge into morning shadows break threads with a lone spider crush cold petals underfoot smear dew across … Continue reading

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Come Morning

I have a friend who wakes up acerbic and doesn’t achieve a moderately even outlook on life until he’s had his morning shot; there are many who feel this way … COME MORNING there’s mustard in his voice                                 pepper on … Continue reading

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The Long Wait

Happy Solstice! When the days begin to lengthen up here in the North. There’s anticipation for more light each day, and for The Day, for what happens … for gifts, surprises, family being together, for all the joy. There is … Continue reading

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The Sound of Morning

People get up early,  and they mow their lawns, even this late in the year with dew on the grass. Which makes me wonder who, or what, else is up and prowling … A THE SOUND OF MORNING I take the roar … Continue reading

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The Shape of Morning

Some mornings getting up is just not a good idea, but has to be done. Nothing looks right or feels right. Everything is out of kilter, the wrong shape, the wrong day, even saying ‘good morning’ seems a travesty of … Continue reading

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New Year haiku

New Year’s Day. Probably most people are tired, having stayed up to see the New Year in with fireworks and celebration. We watched “Royal Canadian Air Farce”, and went to bed happy. New Year resolutions? I make the same one … Continue reading

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An Early Drive

Once in a while I have to be up and out early, to go to the medical clinic and, sleepy as I am, I wonder about the people in the houses I pass. Who are they? What are they doing? … Continue reading

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