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Accountants go round in a frenzy of audits and numbers, while the rest of humanity tries to get tax forms filed in time. A crazy time of year when the garden needs attention as well, so it’s busy at work … Continue reading

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The Lawyer

We’ve been getting our wills organized which has involved visits to a lawyer. I’m intrigued by legal language, people talk of it as convoluted but I find it, within the seeming verbosity, singularly precise: it says exactly what’s intended … … Continue reading

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The Payment

Invoices go missing, receipts too. I’ve just had an unbelievably funny (in the end) experience with a missing receipt. Has this ever happened to you? … A A THE PAYMENT                     … Continue reading

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Minute Keeper

News Flash!  My father’s poetry, originally published in 1945, has just been re-issue by Flagon Press, U.K., under the title ‘Flowers in the Minefield’, James Crowden the editor and researcher. Check out my book page for ‘A Summer Father’ for … Continue reading

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