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Night at Sea

What can happen when you’re sailing at night and the wind goes from North to South, skies dark. And yes, this actually happened … NIGHT AT SEA wind changed anchor dragged   twice brought seaweed to the surface                with a lee … Continue reading

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Dictionaries are always useful, good browsing material too. And, just sometimes, worth playing word-games with … LEXICAL  (acrostic) discovering                                        ideologies closeted tidily or inserted oddly with notions arbitrarily regularly yoked A A ‘A Bedroom of Searchlights’: poetry. This collection draws … Continue reading

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I haven’t reach the point of dreaming about rain, but almost! We need it, the land needs it badly … CLOUD-LAND a length of cloud                              reaches down wraps a roof-line and takes it   up into a somewhere over South Africa … Continue reading

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In the Heights

There’s something almost ethereal about looking up and watching a building going up, the height, the spaces between studs and rafters … IN THE HEIGHTS a hammer holds cloud                               and studs in place where men crawl on scaffolding tying knots … Continue reading

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Enter Comfort

It’s a weird world right now, talking to a neighbour with the road between us, spending time on Zoom to be with family and yet there are still joys, if strange ones … ENTER COMFORT we close windows still the … Continue reading

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An Old Game

The game of life continues. These days we react and respond at a distance from each other so the results may be different and perhaps hard to take … AN OLD GAME bishops, knights on black and white                                    not touching … Continue reading

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Music in the House

We’re all caught in the silences of living, with birds caroling outside and music (or TV if that’s your thing) of one sort or another inside … MUSIC IN THE HOUSE sounds drop until the house is littered                  with broken … Continue reading

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For Cyclists

I used to ride a bike, years ago. I admire those who cycle long distances, the Tour de France, Cops for Cancer on Vancouver Island. Now all the house-bound people who are getting out on their bikes, but still keeping … Continue reading

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It’s weird to wake up to complete silence, no traffic, no planes, no radio, no bird-song, but it happens, more now than ever before. And then … WINDLESS we wake to stillness                               leaves hang motionless until a leap of squirrel … Continue reading

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The Laundry

The simplest things bring the current situation to mind, just doing the laundry on a fine day … THE LAUNDRY clothes in washer                         colours unsorted soap poured in close the lid turn the knob to full wash walk away for … Continue reading

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