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I Sold Dorothy Livesay a Bed

Once in a while, one does something out of the ordinary, meets someone famous, without realizing it. I worked with Dorothy Livesay’s daughter for a short time many years ago, and this is what happened …A I SOLD DOROTHY LIVESAY … Continue reading

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On Meeting Another Poet

Meeting another poet is always a joy to me. We all write so differently and can learn so much from each other, but I always step a little lightly on these occasions, I want to make a friend, explore the … Continue reading

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Answering the Challenge

I don’t often write rhyming poetry, but when I do I have a lot of fun! Just don’t take this seriously! Words are tools, jester’s cap and bells, wisdom, and adventure … A A ANSWERING THE CHALLENGE       … Continue reading

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On The Bus

Commuting is one of those things that we enjoy or put up with, work being the way we pay for play-time. Sometimes commuting can stretch our minds in unexpected ways … A A ON THE BUS                                                                       I pick poems off … Continue reading

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