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Weather or Not

No matter what the sky does, fog, rain, snow, or cloud, the earth turns and we have another day with its dark times and then its bursts of incredible joy … WEATHER OR NOT I take rain                                                 from cupped leaves … Continue reading

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The Grammar of Rain

It’s October and we’re into the rainy season. I longed for it all summer (we had no rain for four months) and by December I’ll be wondering when it will stop, with the rest of the winter to get through … Continue reading

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How do I Answer the Rain?

  Rain. It comes walloping down by the bucketful, or sifts through the air as a gentle damp. Rain drips from the eaves, gets down my neck, fogs my glasses. But it’s good for reservoirs and gardens … HOW DO … Continue reading

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Into Christmas

We’re into the frenetic time. Also an exciting time of carols, concerts, parties. and winter storms … a time of anticipation  of The Day. The Day of birth, family, and rejoicing … A A INTO CHRISTMAS         … Continue reading

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Rain Day Rain

Even in summer there are days when rain absolutely pours, pelts, floods, out of the sky. One of these happened recently, so much rain that I couldn’t be sure whether it was water or not … A A RAIN DAY … Continue reading

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3 Rain Haiku

Never mind April showers, we’ve had a session of rain all day. Rain all night. Rain while I’m walking. Being dripped on. Puddles. Grey skies. There has to be something good going on: bringing up seeds, toddlers making splashes … A A … Continue reading

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The end of April, tax-time, and other strange events, I mean, who expects snow on daffodils? Here are a few snapshots of things that have happened this month, always remembering that summer is definitely on its way … A A … Continue reading

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