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Spring is Sprung

Finally. Spring is here, a month late. I’m going to be in the garden as much as possible for the next week. Weeds are running rampant and I want to get the veggie garden in. So much to do, but … Continue reading

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The full, heavy, heads of lilac weigh down the branches, bending under rain, lifting in sunlight. I love the scent of the flowers, and this poem is a rondeau … A LILAC where lilac leans its purple weight,         honey-seeking bees … Continue reading

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Dandelion Visions

They’re golden stars in verges, fields, lawns, along hedgerows. Gardeners pour vinegar on them to kill the roots, dig them up, use them to make wine, or toss into salads. They’re a delight to the eye in spring … A … Continue reading

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Comes Spring

There’s all the beauty of Spring, clear blue skies, brilliant flowers that we’ve longed to see, and then there’s the other side. We become aware, at least I do, of the half-hidden litter by roadsides, fences forgotten over winter  … … Continue reading

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Spring Senryu

The sounds of spring are as varied as music: birds, joggers, wind in lilac, lawn-mowers, click of cameras. There are lots more, listen and count the variety of sounds; here are a few  … A A short lengths     … Continue reading

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daffodil haiku

They trumpet ‘spring is here’! We have daffodils all over the place, they take over where the snowdrops began, in great waves of rich yellow, bringing down the sunshine … A daffodils bend toward the sun daylight saving A a … Continue reading

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3 Spring haiku

The Greek goddess Maia is supposed to be the origin of the month of May, and was closely linked with the goddess of fertility. Which all seems fitting and right when trees are bursting their buds, flowers popping up all … Continue reading

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Robin’s Egg

Spring is a time of birth. We’ve probably all found an empty bird’s egg at one time of another, which means the bird hatched and is alive. But what of those eggs with a tiny curled foetus still in it? … Continue reading

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3 tanka

It’s Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. I’ve caught glimpses of the small joys of spring-time, flowers in bud, skipping ropes in use … and here are a few more, as tanka … Summer is in the air … A A … Continue reading

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