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Stories In Line

Standing in line at any store, in airports, or bus stations, I watch people, wonder who they are, what they do, and dream up the stories of their lives … STORIES IN LINE in the grocery check-out I notice the … Continue reading

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The Writing of a Story of Words

This is a warm-up exercise I found in Wingbeats II, edited by Scott Wiggerman & David Meischen, a book full of exercises in poetry that are great fun to try. This one is called line-building and I recommend it for … Continue reading

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Camping Senyru

Summer and the time for camping trips, listening to squirrels drop cones on tents, hiking through woods, swimming … watching sunrise and sunset … wonderful memories for adults and for kids … A camping                                                by the river … lullaby A … Continue reading

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Martine’s Briefcase

I was in a Grade IV classroom last spring and the teacher’s briefcase stays in memory, mostly because she was a teacher-librarian, no one busier, always on the run, always cheerful, willing … one great lady … with a bulging … Continue reading

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Chava’s Story

I’ve always felt that the innkeeper’s wife got a raw deal: no one ever mentions her. How would that inn have run without her? She had family, friends … and the inn. How did she ever get a quiet moment … Continue reading

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The Servant’s Story

Ordinary people. The people who run errands, who serve with or without complaint. They see things, carry secrets of what they’ve seen; sometimes they tell, sometimes they don’t. But they have stories too. A A A THE SERVANT’S STORY My … Continue reading

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The Cameleer’s Story

Some stories have no satisfactory ending, no ‘happy ever after’, no ‘bad-guy-gets-his-punishment’, no magic wand. We hear about the moment, the event, and then it fades into daily living. I think we’d like every story to have all the ends … Continue reading

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The Potter’s Story

Christmas is for me a time of story … the Santa Claus story, the Christmas story, family stories … So this month I’m going to tell stories, very short stories, of people on the edges who don’t make it into … Continue reading

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