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Grey Paper

Bees are good, flies not so much, nor mosquitoes, nor the rest of the family of flying critters (good for spiders and birds, not for humans), never mind aphids and the other plant-eating parasites … GREY PAPER the wasps of … Continue reading

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Taking the Distant View

I wrote this poem after spending a long time sitting, looking at mountains, an inlet, sunlight on ocean, watching birds, and considering life … TAKING THE DISTANT VIEW these mountains overlook                                 the ocean of my mind and whatever skills I … Continue reading

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The summer queen

There’s a mystery to summer, the shadows fall thick, and who’s to know who or what lives therein? Are there indeed elves, pixies, or fairies dancing just out of sight? … THE SUMMER QUEEN the woman lives in grass deep … Continue reading

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2 Triolets

I’ve been somewhat obsessively writing triolets for the last month or so, and here are two of them, the first relates a friend’s sailing adventure with a dog, the second is all about summer! Triolets have a very specific rhyme … Continue reading

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He Married

This month, whose birth flowers are rose and honeysuckle, tends to be a time of weddings, in churches, balloons, on mountain tops, or sports fields … i.e. often in strange places. Customs vary and people add their own twist to … Continue reading

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The Horse

Passing a field with horses in summer is to catch a breath of adventure, or a sense of when life moved a little more slowly. Or perhaps a sense of competition, gymkhanas, races … the held breath of watching horses … Continue reading

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I wear sunglasses to protect my eyes from strong sunlight, like most of us. A few people wear them as a disguise, or to hide their expressions. They are worn on beaches, at rock concerts, at airports, with sometimes surprising … Continue reading

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From the Beach

We go for picnics on the beach quite regularly in the summer, love the slap of waves, the lift and dive of gulls, the distant quiet of boats sailing in the bay … FROM THE BEACH this is ocean, these … Continue reading

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Birthstones for June are pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone; the birth flowers are rose and honeysuckle (we have both in our garden). And the leaves this month are every shade of green, lush, gorgeous, shady, and welcoming. They draw us in … Continue reading

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Zoned Out

Half way through summer, and I’m still voting for idleness. I’m painting on the deck, mostly seascapes, relaxing with a good book and, just occasionally, staring into space … A ZONED OUT    (an Abecedarian) zapped by contemplation, yoga’d to … Continue reading

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