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Beach Scene

We were at Ucluelet on the West Coast of Vancouver Island a couple of years ago and the magic of the place stays with me … BEACH SCENE white light streams through firs waves crash through constant wind             mist swallows … Continue reading

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Christmas on the Run

Christmas goes so quickly. We prepare for weeks and it’s gone, all the excitement, the joy, the sharing, the calm centre, gone in a blink, at least, that’s how I find it … A A CHRISTMAS ON THE RUN I … Continue reading

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Tree Haiku

Trees. Give shade, nesting space, perching space … They are grand as firs, beautiful as willows, elegant as birches … Trees are as various as the weather, inspiring, changing, always new and different … A squirrel                                    in the fir tree … Continue reading

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Tree Haiku

Trees bare and stark against the horizon; rain streaks the windows; fog blurs the view, or snow creates a fairyland. Whatever the weather, the view changes everyday and the world is always new and different … A old photograph black … Continue reading

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Advent Haiku

Now’s the time for last-minute-people to think about Christmas gifts, the time to notice a line from a Christmas carol (Let it snow, let it snow … please not!), time to notice the details around us, take stock of small … Continue reading

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This is Downtown

We call it ‘the village’. It has a gas station, post office, drugstore, the necessities of everyday life. To go shopping for clothes, appliances, etc., we go to ‘the city’ but we don’t go often. And the poem’s title is … Continue reading

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The smell of apples picked fresh from the tree; the feel of one, heavy and round in my hand. Some are already picked, it’s the season for harvesting fruit and veggies .. A A APPLE-PICKING           … Continue reading

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Down On The Beach

School starts next week. Summer’s drifting time is over. So here’s one last look at the beach, the sound, light, fun, of it … A A A DOWN ON THE BEACH curl of wave foam and down to crash   … Continue reading

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August Haiku

The birds have been busy at the nut-feeder. We’ve always seen lots of nut-hatches and chickadees, but this year we’ve had red-shafted flickers, hairy and downy woodpeckers. They are always a joy and I have to stop and watch, never … Continue reading

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And then there are castles. Most were built for defense in the Middle Ages, the ruins may or may not be haunted. Of course, some for just plain living in, and then there are sand castles … A A CASTLES … Continue reading

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