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A Gathering

Crowds can be interesting, bewildering, scary, and, in small gatherings great fun, especially writers’ groups … A GATHERING they’re holding a writers’ festival                          on the far side of the sky up where sci-fi western      horror tales hang out … Continue reading

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The Writing of a Story of Words

This is a warm-up exercise I found in Wingbeats II, edited by Scott Wiggerman & David Meischen, a book full of exercises in poetry that are great fun to try. This one is called line-building and I recommend it for … Continue reading

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By Rote

As a child I learned a lot by rote, mostly poems, but they have all vanished with the years. Now I have trouble remembering the list of what I need to do today … A BY ROTE does it matter … Continue reading

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The Pause

The comma claims three columns of explanation in Fowler’s Modern English Usage. Apparently the comma comes to us from the Greek, meaning ‘piece cut off’ and was first used in English in the sixteenth century. There’s lots more information but … Continue reading

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Drawn into Words

I’ve written poetry all my life, starting when I was about six. Poetry first, short or long stories, whatever it takes to string one word after another … DRAWN INTO WORDS the first seduction –                     a line of ecstatic red … Continue reading

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Answering the Challenge

I don’t often write rhyming poetry, but when I do I have a lot of fun! Just don’t take this seriously! Words are tools, jester’s cap and bells, wisdom, and adventure … A A ANSWERING THE CHALLENGE       … Continue reading

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The First Poem

Where do words come from? And where do they go? There are so many possibilities and on a rainy day it’s worth following up on a few … A A A THE FIRST POEM                                               flew over paper raised its head … Continue reading

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3 Haiku

Winter can be a kaleidoscope of images seen through car windows as we huddle in warm jackets, or peer out at birds at our feeders, watch the fire’s glow, and relish the smell of hot dinner filling the house … … Continue reading

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The Reach of Words

Where does poetry go? Who listens? What does it do? Are we right to express ourselves in poetry? Questions I ask myself every now and then. And here’s my answer … A A THE REACH OF WORDS                                 … Continue reading

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