A Bedroom of Searchlights

The poems in A Bedroom of Searchlights 9781771333054_FCexplore the life of the poet’s mother who divorced in 1939, at a time when a woman divorcing was still frowned upon by society. This collection draws a picture of the artist and single mother who struggled with poverty, war, and the realities of daily life, yet still found beauty and comfort in her garden, and her art.



her fear slipped into sight
like an errant petticoat

at the wail of sirens
or gossip of neighbours

she shed it with toast by the fire
on cold afternoons

took it to the shelter
when planes cracked the night

it shook in her voice
when air-raids took over

but fled in the sunlight
with a flock of scarlet poppies


ISBN 978-1-77133-305-4

Here is the link to the book page on Inanna’s website: http://inanna.ca/index.php/catalog/bedroom-searchlights/