The Willow Tree Girl

The Willow Tree Girl is no longer available

Sarah wants to excel at Scottish country dancing, like Dad and Gran, but she is clumsy.  And when Mum gets appendicitis, Sarah has to go and stay with Gran in Saanich British Columbia, away from everything she wants to do.

Sarah meets a strangely dressed girl, Minna, under the willow tree at the end of the Gran’s garden. An old cup, spoon, and locket have been found on the neighbouring farm, and Sarah believes Minna has something to do with them.

Who is Minna? Is she a ghost? Can Sarah follow her back through time to solve the mystery of the Nye’s farm?

***no longer available***ebook***The Willow Tree Girl at                                 

ISBN 978-0-9739051-5-1

all poems and photos © Joanna M. Weston except where noted


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