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The man behind her

Joseph seems to disappear in the Christmas story, barely a mention of him, yet think of his worries as they went to Bethlehem, him leading the donkey, his pregnant wife riding. Then, his wife going into labour in a stable … Continue reading

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Advent Journey

It’s that time of preparation, for Christmas, for the turn of the year. It’s a time of looking inward and wondering about the past and the future, contemplating change … or not … WATCH-NIGHT we watch the candle                                    burn the … Continue reading

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Advent Journey

Advent is, for me, a time of inward looking, not just shopping and decorating, but checking on my inward state of being. Am I in touch with my deepest thoughts and feelings? Do I have any idea of where I’m … Continue reading

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Robin’s Egg

Spring is a time of birth. We’ve probably all found an empty bird’s egg at one time of another, which means the bird hatched and is alive. But what of those eggs with a tiny curled foetus still in it? … Continue reading

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Joseph and Mary

I’ve always wondered about Joseph and Mary. Off they went, Mary heavily pregnant, on a jolting journey. I suppose Mary couldn’t be left at home to have the baby in peace, but imagine how she felt, day after day, hoping … Continue reading

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Chava’s Story

I’ve always felt that the innkeeper’s wife got a raw deal: no one ever mentions her. How would that inn have run without her? She had family, friends … and the inn. How did she ever get a quiet moment … Continue reading

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The Servant’s Story

Ordinary people. The people who run errands, who serve with or without complaint. They see things, carry secrets of what they’ve seen; sometimes they tell, sometimes they don’t. But they have stories too. A A A THE SERVANT’S STORY My … Continue reading

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