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Taking the Distant View

I wrote this poem after spending a long time sitting, looking at mountains, an inlet, sunlight on ocean, watching birds, and considering life … TAKING THE DISTANT VIEW these mountains overlook                                 the ocean of my mind and whatever skills I … Continue reading

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Plain Sailing

People are out there sailing, big boats, small boats, anything that floats and can carry a sail. We watch them, admire them, would love to be out there on that wide blue ocean. It’s not always that easy, and here … Continue reading

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A Wet Day

Abecedarian poems are fun to write. In this one, the first line begins with ‘z’ and ends with ‘a’ and from there on it follows through the alphabet. I’m not entirely sure that it makes a great deal of sense, … Continue reading

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3 tanka

It’s Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. I’ve caught glimpses of the small joys of spring-time, flowers in bud, skipping ropes in use … and here are a few more, as tanka … Summer is in the air … A A … Continue reading

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Sail Away

Children use tables for all kinds of things: dens, castles, and sail-boats? Try this one for an adventure on a day when there’s not much else to do except watch wind ruffle puddles as the rain comes down. A A … Continue reading

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