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Child on a Swing

Easter! Flowers, Easter eggs, Family, Chocolate … what more can anyone want? Daffodils … rabbits … A CHILD ON A SWING I saw this child among an alchemy of angels                         polished, sun-bright brazen in flying delight he went skyways high … Continue reading

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Ecstatic Angels

One of those evenings when the only thing to do is to go out and play in the snow. Be children all over again …. A ECSTATIC ANGELS                                          I lie in the snow swishing wondrous arcs with arms and legs … Continue reading

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Advent Haiku

Now’s the time for last-minute-people to think about Christmas gifts, the time to notice a line from a Christmas carol (Let it snow, let it snow … please not!), time to notice the details around us, take stock of small … Continue reading

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Games All Year

The newspaper announced the other day that it’s ‘the silly season’. I’m not sure what they meant but perhaps we challenge ourselves in different ways? Stand on one foot for an hour, skip rope for a day? Climb a mountain? … Continue reading

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3 Rain Haiku

Never mind April showers, we’ve had a session of rain all day. Rain all night. Rain while I’m walking. Being dripped on. Puddles. Grey skies. There has to be something good going on: bringing up seeds, toddlers making splashes … A A … Continue reading

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Looking For

Have you ever had a child go missing? Can’t find her/him in the house anywhere? Call, shout, yell … no answer. Panic … heart-race … run outside … and … guess what and where? A A LOOKING FOR                                       fast out … Continue reading

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Hide and Take – Glosa

Children hide and seek, hide and sneak; that’s the way it is, and it’s always fun. The ending here may not quite be the expected one but then it’s October when things don’t always do the expected, and who wouldn’t … Continue reading

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