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A Pedestrian Day

Some days are so ordinary they defy expression except as ‘humdrum’. And then some small thing, a bird, a sun beam, a phone call, turns the day on its head … A PEDESTRIAN DAY the world has turned a prosaic                       … Continue reading

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An Ordinary Man

Remembrance Day is coming up, and I wonder about my father, who died in Normandy, June 1944: what kind of man he would have been if he had survived the war? Was he changed by his experiences of the desert, … Continue reading

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Ordinary Hours

I love these days when nothing in particular happens. The time flows by in doing the most mundane tasks: putting dishes away, tidying a shelf, stroking the cat, having coffee and, of course, writing a poem … A ORDINARY HOURS … Continue reading

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In the Ordinary

I was struck the other day by the number of things I use daily, take for granted, like cutlery, tables, floors, water, pencils, computers … Ordinary things I pick up, handle, put to use, without stopping to really look at … Continue reading

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