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Map of the world

We live on a spinning globe, and sometimes it seems as if our own private world in spinning too, but out of control … though it’s never quite like that … MAP OF THE WORLD time spins on its axis … Continue reading

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The War Amps Kid

We’re nearly up to Remembrance Day, a special day for veterans and their families, but also for the people who march in the parade perhaps for the first time … THE WAR AMPS KID the boy marches                                              to the beat … Continue reading

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Spring Comes

Easter has come: we’ve eaten chocolate rabbits and eggs (possibly too many), and the real things are there, complete with flowers and, hopefully, blue skies … THE SEASON CHANGES in clouds of blossom through green spears                         that pierce dark soil … Continue reading

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Good Friday coming up: we have to get by and through it to get to Easter Sunday, through pain and grief before we get to a brilliant sunrise and joy … PROCLAMATION this is the day God made at midnight … Continue reading

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