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Ain’t Nuttin’ To It

Given a sunny day, a bit of catchy music, and there’s a dancing man on a deserted patio, with friends to join the fun … AIN’T NUTTIN’ TO IT bag-eared king with white plastic throne                  bare-kneed shirt flapping plucks guitar-strings … Continue reading

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The Spinet

New! ‘A BEDROOM OF SEARCHLIGHTS‘: poetry, being launched on May 26 at the Mill Bay Library as part of the ‘Author Appreciation Night’. This collection draws a picture of the poet’s divorced mother, an artist with two children, who struggled … Continue reading

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Summer Fete

Garage sales are fun, and summer fetes even more so as the choices are so many, and all out of doors. Second-hand books draw me every time, but I always wander through baking, white elephants, clothes, jewellery … A SUMMER … Continue reading

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Man on the Stairs

Watching people can be interesting, wondering why they are where they are. Airport and bus stations are the best places but sometimes I see someone in a very ordinary place, and imagine their story … MAN ON THE STAIRS he sits quite … Continue reading

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Looking for Wilson Tom

Sometimes I hear of people but never meet them, never shake their hand or talk to them. Their name comes up in conversation but their face remains unknown. And then they disappear from conversation, completely. I suppose this happens to … Continue reading

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Spirit Wings

Easter. First comes Good Friday, a day of darkness and pain. Then comes Easter: the time of new life, daffodils, baby chicks, rabbits, when the sun is brighter, the grass greener. We rejoice in all things new, the promise of … Continue reading

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News Flash!  My father’s poetry, originally published in 1945, has just been re-issued by Flagon Press, U.K., under the title ‘Flowers in the Minefield’, James Crowden the editor and researcher. Check out my book page for ‘A Summer Father’ for … Continue reading

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The Yellow Room

With Easter coming up I’m going flower-crazy. It’s spring … time to go a little nuts, spread a little zaniness around. This is when skipping ropes come out, baseball diamonds get busy, people shop for swim-suits … I think sunshine … Continue reading

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She Played Banjo

I love to hear and see buskers around the harbour. They play, sing, juggle, dance … no end to the variety of performances. And why not in March, to keep us cheerful and dreaming of what might happen … A … Continue reading

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Child and Mother in a Field

I’m beginning to hear ‘I want …’ this or that for Christmas. So why not ask for the impossible or the improbable? Ask for peace on earth, friendship between countries … Ask for homes for the homeless, food for the … Continue reading

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