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The summer queen

There’s a mystery to summer, the shadows fall thick, and who’s to know who or what lives therein? Are there indeed elves, pixies, or fairies dancing just out of sight? … THE SUMMER QUEEN the woman lives in grass deep … Continue reading

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The Gentleman in Red

Both Santa Claus and Father Christmas derived in part from the Dutch Sinterklaas, or Saint Nicholas, whose day was celebrated yesterday in the Netherlands. Children there put out a clog filled with hay and a carrot for his horse the … Continue reading

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One of those weeks when I live in a total fog:  I think Monday is Tuesday, put something in a ‘safe’ place (i.e. can’t find it), forget the grocery list, put a sweater on backwards … does everyone have weeks … Continue reading

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On The Loose

Where have I put my car keys? In the fridge? In the coffee-pot? Have they slid down the stairs and out the door? Did the cat stash them under a cushion (this has happened)? Have I put them in a … Continue reading

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Mostly we see waterfalls from the outside, rarely do we get behind them, and what do we see when we do? For me there’s mystery, the chance of catching a glimpse of the imaginary lands of childhood, mystery, magic … … Continue reading

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