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Garlic Soup

Garlic. I’ve just planted the bulbs for next year. I love it and add it most main dishes. It’s incredibly nutritious and healthy: it enhances energy, lowers blood pressure, strengthens bones, improves cholesterol levels, fights colds, and promotes health and … Continue reading

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Making Hummus

Cooking can be trial and error, depending on whether one has all the ingredients and whether the recipe can be trusted. Recently I found myself working from four different recipes to get a result I liked; my language was colourful … Continue reading

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An Orange In My Hand

I’ve been making Blackberry Marmalade using ordinary oranges: 2 cups of chopped rind (boil in 2 cups water, drain) add 2 tbspn lemon juice 2 cups defrosted blackberries 3 cup of sugar bring to the boil over medium heat, simmer … Continue reading

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The Lure

Home-grown fruit and vegetables are in the local markets and just the smell of them is enough to make me hungry. I love the smell of tomatoes, the feel of fresh-picked lettuce, the joys of summer! Strawberries, raspberries … … … Continue reading

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In Blue Pyjamas

It’s coming up to that time of the year when things go bump in the night, ghosts wriggle through keyholes, and skeletons parade the streets. Here’s a weird happening, though whether it happened in fact is another story. IN BLUE … Continue reading

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Curried dragon legs

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and, being vegetarian, I’m not keen on the big over-dressed turkey. So I’m providing the following recipe for those adventurous souls who would like something a little different. It’s not exactly vegetarian but liberties may … Continue reading

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