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A Question of Tea

There are so many varieties of tea on store shelves that I get baffled sometimes trying to choose. I know the ones I like but want to experiment with flavours, branch out, be daring, even in so small a way … Continue reading

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Stories In Line

Standing in line at any store, in airports, or bus stations, I watch people, wonder who they are, what they do, and dream up the stories of their lives … STORIES IN LINE in the grocery check-out I notice the … Continue reading

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Second hand Clothes

I like shopping in second hand stores. Here I can browse and where I invariably find exactly what I’m looking for. In retail ‘new’ stores I get completely overwhelmed by the racks and racks of clothes that are all the … Continue reading

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Getting Ready

I have started preparations for Christmas, but there’s a whole lot more to be done. I’ve made lists of gifts to be mailed or given, some of the baking is in the freezer, but … GETTING READY I write the … Continue reading

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How do people manage on Social Assistance when they have kids, rent to pay, groceries to buy? Are they able to work even part-time? find time to play? … A SINGLE one slim bag of groceries                          three kids and no … Continue reading

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The Christmas season is here. We get frantic, trying to get everything done and, all too often, end up exhausted. I try to slow down, take time at some point everyday, to watch birds, the rain … A STILLNESS weary                                            … Continue reading

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Summer Fete

Garage sales are fun, and summer fetes even more so as the choices are so many, and all out of doors. Second-hand books draw me every time, but I always wander through baking, white elephants, clothes, jewellery … A SUMMER … Continue reading

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This is Downtown

We call it ‘the village’. It has a gas station, post office, drugstore, the necessities of everyday life. To go shopping for clothes, appliances, etc., we go to ‘the city’ but we don’t go often. And the poem’s title is … Continue reading

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Hear Ye

Happy Christmas!! Do we, as we holiday, remember the reason for the season? Certainly, the solstice has just passed and we celebrate the changing light, the movement towards spring. It’s the season of birth, renewal, and of joy … A … Continue reading

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People are beginning to feel hassled and frantic, shopping, baking, decorating … this is when I have to remember to take time to just be … A A PREPARATION                                          mail cards                   … Continue reading

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