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Not everyone can buy gifts or look forward to a family gathering. Some people will be cold and hungry through the dark time of the year. But sharing a smile, a touch, a coffee, a greeting, small gestures can warm … Continue reading

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News Flash!  My father’s poetry, originally published in 1945, has just been re-issued by Flagon Press, U.K., under the title ‘Flowers in the Minefield’, James Crowden the editor and researcher. Check out my book page for ‘A Summer Father’ for … Continue reading

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Overnight Visitors

Summer! Camping season! Sleeping under the stars, sharing the excitement of ghost stories in the dark, waking to an early robin or rooster; the reality can be squirrels dropping pine cones on your head … and then there’s the camping … Continue reading

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Of Stars and Stockings

The time of year to go flying to anywhere and nowhere. The time of year to dream of far away places, somewhere warm and leisurely with no snow to shovel (if you live in the Northern Hemisphere). You can’t get … Continue reading

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The Cameleer’s Story

Some stories have no satisfactory ending, no ‘happy ever after’, no ‘bad-guy-gets-his-punishment’, no magic wand. We hear about the moment, the event, and then it fades into daily living. I think we’d like every story to have all the ends … Continue reading

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