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Drop Scones

The fun of baking with Grandmother or her sister, the watching, stirring, smelling, tasting … Such good memories … DROP SCONES     (Triolet)                                      the recipe came from Great Aunt Bee who added things while I stirred as a four-year-old at … Continue reading

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In praise of the Rare Welsh

Hot cheese with beer added? The Joy of Cooking, p.242, has the recipe for this most traditional of dishes … IN PRAISE OF THE RARE WELSH rarebit or rabbit? who would know       the way to spell or to pronounce what … Continue reading

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Not Citrus

I’m not really sure which fruit is my favourite, peaches, pears, bananas, apples … I’m allergic to citrus so they are not on any menu of mine … NOT CITRUS I am faithful to pears                                  not oranges or lemons or … Continue reading

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The taste of yellow

Summer is the time of golden suns, bright yellows everywhere, and blazing heat … too much for me, but I like the brilliant colours … THE TASTE OF YELLOW the yellow finch                                             flies off the page lands on a dandelion … Continue reading

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We all have different tastes in food, which is just as well. Breakfast foods are particularly important, perhaps for routine, caffeine fix, or just fun. I’ve had cold cereals, cold pizza (which I love), for breakfast but one thing I … Continue reading

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Making Hummus

Cooking can be trial and error, depending on whether one has all the ingredients and whether the recipe can be trusted. Recently I found myself working from four different recipes to get a result I liked; my language was colourful … Continue reading

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I could write reams about the taste of peaches, the feel of the peel, the smell of them … Canned peaches are okay, but there’s nothing, absolutely nothing, like juice running down my chin … LUSCIOUS peaches hide                           behind deep … Continue reading

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