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beach scene

It’s beach time, summer and the lazy days of sun and watching waves splash on sand. Time to swim or read or do absolutely nothing and all of it outside, as long as it doesn’t rain … BEACH SCENE (chain … Continue reading

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Night at Sea

What can happen when you’re sailing at night and the wind goes from North to South, skies dark. And yes, this actually happened … NIGHT AT SEA wind changed anchor dragged   twice brought seaweed to the surface                with a lee … Continue reading

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I haven’t reach the point of dreaming about rain, but almost! We need it, the land needs it badly … CLOUD-LAND a length of cloud                              reaches down wraps a roof-line and takes it   up into a somewhere over South Africa … Continue reading

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In the Heights

There’s something almost ethereal about looking up and watching a building going up, the height, the spaces between studs and rafters … IN THE HEIGHTS a hammer holds cloud                               and studs in place where men crawl on scaffolding tying knots … Continue reading

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It’s weird to wake up to complete silence, no traffic, no planes, no radio, no bird-song, but it happens, more now than ever before. And then … WINDLESS we wake to stillness                               leaves hang motionless until a leap of squirrel … Continue reading

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This winter witch

Frost, cold winds … all the markings of winter, and she’s very much here, not in hiding at all … but snowdrops are out! … THIS WINTER WITCH wide grey cloak quivers                       in a stiff wind slow feet bring solidity … Continue reading

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Flood waters

It rained all through January, apart from one week of deep snow. It snowed again yesterday … and yes, it’s raining yet again today. Sigh … FLOOD WATERS it’s happened again                    pouring down rain blurring window pane no view of … Continue reading

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Snowed in

I love to watch snow falling, such a peaceful thing to do, so quiet, the world hushed, traffic minimal. I’m not keen on driving or walking in the stuff, but it’s there, crunching, crusty underfoot … SNOWED IN I watch … Continue reading

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The Wonder

This time of year there are storms that make me stand, mouth open, at the extraordinary things the weather can fling around. It’s majestic, scary sometimes, and awesome … THE WONDER the howling moon                                                 drops down and feasts on turbulent … Continue reading

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Drought Season

August is when we look for several meteor showers: the Kappa Cygnids, the Alpha Capricornids, the Southern Delta Aquariids, and the Perseids, a major meteor shower, typically takes place between July 17 and August 24. There are also some weird … Continue reading

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