Ottawa to Victoria

It’s the season for crossing the country from one side to the other to visit family. Always special times, no matter whether it’s just to sit and gab or for a wedding! These occasions are special, and we record them on Iphones, cameras, in journals …


the line between one photograph
& the next phrased in black & white   
summer’s neon smiles    ……guaranteed
against the curtained backdrop
where three generations stand
before breaking into laughter
congratulations blending
with this wedded gathering
before flight over mountains
chasmed by rivers of snow
familiar as the cragged peaks
before the flat-land drones
into forest & capital city
where we have electronic links
from here to pictured there


my scans - after 18 112 cover To Bethlehem: ‘This little book is delightful, full of … poems on this timeless subject. … the most fun is the little prose vignettes of the common people in the Christ-child story. The slave who looks after the wise men’s camels, or the overworked maid at the inn who has to fetch water for the birth, and many more. A lovely gift for the reader on your Christmas list!’ Rosalind Adams. Available from Amazon and Kindle.

About Joanna M. Weston

Born in England, she lives in British Columbia. She is married with three sons, Joanna has an MA from the University of British Columbia. She has published in numerous anthologies and in magazines in Canada, the US, UK, and New Zealand, such as Canadian Women's Studies, Convolvus, Endless Mountains Review, Grain, Green's Magazine, Prairie Fire, Spin, Wascana Review, CBC Gallery, and many more...
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2 Responses to Ottawa to Victoria

  1. Francine says:

    Reservations made, leaving Victoria on August 28, returning on September 12! Cheers and love to you!

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