Tree Haiku

Trees bare and stark against the horizon; rain streaks the windows; fog blurs the view, or snow creates a fairyland. Whatever the weather, the view changes everyday and the world is always new and different …


old photograph black and white evergreens


rabbits under                                           031.Gillian sunrise
the maple tree
light rain


sunrise –
a tree breaks
the skyline


‘sunrise’ was first published in Lynx
photo by Gillian Leverkus


berry & the bandFREE! The Berry Books are FREE at Smashwords! And they are perfect for 3-6 year-olds. ‘Berry and the Birthday Band’ and ‘Berry Cleans House’ tell how Berry the mouse, who lives in a tree, gets into funny situations, and has to find his way out of them.

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Dinner at 6

So the world returns to normal: wake-up, work, dishes, schedules, more dishes, sleep … festivities over and we’re back into regular routines. Do we have a tendency to get the January blues? Maybe it’s the weather, rain, snow, fog …



scars of four thousand                                     
six o’clocks braid
my hair

old meals
leave their smell
on the roof of my mouth

dishes wiped
by ten thousand
dish cloths
line cupboards

torn tea-towels
lie over
tea-stained cups

the next meal
will be hash
from leftovers


first published in Herspectives


summerfathercoverA Summer Father … terse, imagistic lines; … It’s not nostalgia that we experience but quiet, poignant grief. Richard Stevenson

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Ecstatic Angels

One of those evenings when the only thing to do is to go out and play in the snow. Be children all over again ….


ECSTATIC ANGELS                                          snow angel

I lie in the snow
swishing wondrous arcs
with arms and legs

night sings into my eyes
cold dances on fingertips
my son tosses frozen stars
into laughter       angels
in snow


First published in Tea and Sunshine


thoseblueshoescoverThose Blue Shoes for ages 7-11 … Weston’s … skill in juggling time past with time present … the plot unfolds with fast-paced action, mystery, suspense and even a ghost. Joan Givner

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There are some weird traditions around New Year: make a noise, i.e. party horns, sirens, to say goodbye to the old year; eat lucky food (bannocks in Ireland, 12 grapes at midnight in Spain); drink wassail in parts of England, hot spiced wine in Holland. And, of course, there are always New Year resolutions (I don’t make them) …


between feasts                                        1035..9.18.14.Museum clock.
when time drops
out of sync

dogs beg shadows
cats sit black
red-haired men
coal their pockets

women comb long hair
into grates
clocks spin
out of control
from noon to moon
where beginnings end
finality starts

in this week
before next year


A Summer Father … Here is poetry … interweaving images culled from a wartime childhood with bittersweet memories of a “summer father”. Lynda Monahan

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The Stranger

Christmas Eve. A day of mystery and last-minute preparations but, at the end of the day, hopefully a time to gather and reflect, to find peace with one another …



comes a Stranger
to the stable                                                 008..11.7.12
small and fragile
to be cradled
in ornament
and evergreen

comes a Stranger
in the darkness
singing carols
bright with glory
while an angel                                                   223..10.17.13
lifts her trumpet

comes the Stranger
to the winter
of our world
offering the light
of peace and joy
with open hands


summerfathercoverA Summer Father … poems as deceptively simple and cunning as a sniper’s bullet. This book is a Remembrance Day poppy. Dave Margoshes

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Advent Haiku

Now’s the time for last-minute-people to think about Christmas gifts, the time to notice a line from a Christmas carol (Let it snow, let it snow … please not!), time to notice the details around us, take stock of small beauties …


fir needles
each with its own raindrop                       032
Christmas lights


a child plays cars
under the pews –
Silent Night


cold morning
stockings hang
by the fire


willow treegirl8The Willow Tree Girl “… perfect for children in the 7-11-year-old bracket who love to read. …The characters are life-like and the plot intriguing …” Elizabeth Symon. Find it at Smashwords

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We’re in the throes of writing cards and letters to loved ones far and near, connecting in thought and hope for them all. And then, I watch the news, read the paper, and am distressed by the contrast with the meaning of Christmas and what is happening in the world …

INCOMPLETE                                                          003

I promise myself  a complete  Christmas
joyous wrapping for each gift
delight sparkling on the tree

but I read about Iraq   Syria
count food-bank listings
know Ebola epidemic in Africa

dismay folds round toxic plastics
concern knits scarves for the needy
while a manger fills with tears


willow treegirl8The Willow Tree Girl “… perfect for children in the 7-11-year-old bracket who love to read. …The characters are life-like and the plot intriguing …” Elizabeth Symon. Find it at Smashwords

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