Advent Haiku

Now’s the time for last-minute-people to think about Christmas gifts, the time to notice a line from a Christmas carol (Let it snow, let it snow … please not!), time to notice the details around us, take stock of small beauties …


fir needles
each with its own raindrop                       032
Christmas lights


a child plays cars
under the pews -
Silent Night


cold morning
stockings hang
by the fire


willow treegirl8The Willow Tree Girl “… perfect for children in the 7-11-year-old bracket who love to read. …The characters are life-like and the plot intriguing …” Elizabeth Symon. Find it at Smashwords

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We’re in the throes of writing cards and letters to loved ones far and near, connecting in thought and hope for them all. And then, I watch the news, read the paper, and am distressed by the contrast with the meaning of Christmas and what is happening in the world …

INCOMPLETE                                                          003

I promise myself  a complete  Christmas
joyous wrapping for each gift
delight sparkling on the tree

but I read about Iraq   Syria
count food-bank listings
know Ebola epidemic in Africa

dismay folds round toxic plastics
concern knits scarves for the needy
while a manger fills with tears


willow treegirl8The Willow Tree Girl “… perfect for children in the 7-11-year-old bracket who love to read. …The characters are life-like and the plot intriguing …” Elizabeth Symon. Find it at Smashwords

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Other Years

The central story remains the same but every Christmas festival is a bit different, new configurations of people arriving and departing, surprise gifts. But some things we do every year, which is part of the meaning of the season: traditions …


a stack of cards on the table                                036
waiting for wishes
to be sealed within them
while my mind wanders
to other Christmases
when children made paper chains
stirred Christmas cake
made cookies & gingerbread men
on the kitchen counter

this year there will be
a new family member
sharing the joy


berry & the bandFREE! The Berry Books are FREE at Smashwords! And they are perfect for 3-6 year-olds. ‘Berry and the Birthday Band’ and ‘Berry Cleans House’ tell how Berry the mouse, who lives in a tree, gets into funny situations, and has to find his way out of them.

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Ordinary Hours

I love these days when nothing in particular happens. The time flows by in doing the most mundane tasks: putting dishes away, tidying a shelf, stroking the cat, having coffee and, of course, writing a poem …



I have fallen into ordinary hours                             IMG_2411..7.14.11
where there is no suddenness
only fluidity of minutes

green touches me with a single thread
slides away to catch a leaf
spins a moment over its browning

leaves fall, loosed by tranquility
and drift into the past

a cat’s movement changes bird-song -
day turns forward


summerfathercoverA Summer Father … terse, imagistic lines; … It’s not nostalgia that we experience but quiet, poignant grief. Richard Stevenson

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Homeless Haiku

November and the days are drawing in, it’s getting colder, and the homeless are watching for hot-air grates, dryer vents, to keep them warm. Shelters are filling up and all I can do is give to the local Food Bank …


winter afternoon                                               IMG_3204_3.12.08beggar outside V.M.
she pushes her cart
through the rain


derelict boat
on the mud …
their wrinkled hands


a man
by the fire
railroad arch


IMG_2962_3.8.08 asleep in the P.N.thick clouds
cover the sun
newspaper blanket


thoseblueshoescoverThose Blue Shoes for ages 7-11 … Weston’s … skill in juggling time past with time present … the plot unfolds with fast-paced action, mystery, suspense and even a ghost. Joan Givner

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On Meeting Another Poet

Meeting another poet is always a joy to me. We all write so differently and can learn so much from each other, but I always step a little lightly on these occasions, I want to make a friend, explore the differences in our writing and, sometimes, we fly together …



I offer my poetry                                               France 2011 1034a bubbles
as tentatively
as we move
into relationship

we are new
to each other
and have to read
the poem that we are
in each other’s eyes

we make a poem
between us
that tells who we are
to each other


first published in Green’s Magazine
photo by Andrew Weston (**look for the huge bubble**)


A Summer Father … Here is poetry … interweaving images culled from a wartime childhood with bittersweet memories of a “summer father”. Lynda Monahan

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Without War

Next Tuesday is Remembrance Day. We remember those who died in war, those left behind, those scarred by war. And we long for a time when there is no more fighting …


WITHOUT WAR                                         France 2011 391 Sword Beach

I long for a dream
that does not burst
into falling walls
and broken glass

for a day
when children play
on the beaches of peace


photo by Andrew Weston


summerfathercoverA Summer Father … poems as deceptively simple and cunning as a sniper’s bullet. This book is a Remembrance Day poppy. Dave Margoshes

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